Time Will Pass.


That last post is depressing the haberdashery out of me, and I’m afraid I just can’t let it stand. I’m not going to bed with that kind of negativity bouncing around in my skull. (Yeah, I’m already prepping for bed at 8:30, WHO WANTS Some?!) (I totally do not want some. Please just let me go to sleep.)

Here, then, is a little bit of positivity and productive inspiration. I discovered this quote about a year ago, and I guess it built a little rat-hole in my brain. It really resonates with my current obsession. I rediscovered it over at Doyce Testerman’s website and I’m stealing it for posterity.


Doyce Testerman, btw, is the second most British librarian-slash-villain name ever, superceded only by Benedict Cumberbatch. Heart Sherlock.

2 thoughts on “Time Will Pass.

  1. I just started watching Sherlock on Netflix a couple days ago. I absolutely love that they’ve made it modern, and I agree with you about Benedict Cumberbatch. His name does sound quite like a villain. If you throw in that he did play a young Khan in the last Star Trek movie, it makes the possibility of him being an actual villain seem more probable. One of the reasons I decided to follow your blog, is that you have no qualms about being irreverent with all of the rules that pertain to the English language. My mother was an English teacher at one point in her life. I owe my expertise as a communicator to her. She did not allow me to have a small vocabulary, let alone be anything other than spectacular at spelling and grammar. At times, though, I toss out the rules if it means making a point in exactly the manner I want to make it. I’ve always been a bit of a nonconformist, anyway. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of your blog so far, and will definitely be back to visit. 🙂


    • Re: language, English is just bloody nucking futz in a lot of cases, and the more you realize it, the more you see it, and the more you can exploit it, and then you realize even more how futz it is, wash rinse repeat. It’s a cool little stop down a side street for those of us nerdy enough to bother with it. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!


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