Hey! Free Stories!

Though the main focus of this blog is my rambling on about whatever needs rambling on about on a given day, occasionally I get a little bit more focused.  When I do, sometimes a solid short story comes of it.  This is just a little page to help you find them.

Forty stories now, and going strong. Here’s hoping you find something here that you like…

300 Years a Thief: What happens when you cross a hard drive full of secrets with a time machine?  You flash forward in time and meet the architect of a war against murderous robots…

Borrowed Time: It’s the future, where the years of your life can be bought and sold.  What happens when you try to fight the system?

The First Wave: Abandoned and losing faith in his mission, a man must kill to protect his identity.  But is he really who he thinks he is, or has he deluded himself into killing over trifles?

One Award: A man’s childhood hiding place calls to him as an adult.

The Acid Orphan: Meet the newest recruit at the League of Heroes.  Play rough if you like, just don’t draw blood.

You’re Hired:  The job market sucks these days.  Seems like the only place you’ll ever find a job is in hell.

Ornithoscillation: Birds are dropping dead for no reason.  Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Alfred Hitchcock.

The Potioneer’s Ploy: The prisoner is missing.  Luckily, some guy is on the case.

Decommission: A strange runaway robot haunts Installation 17.

Seeds of Insurgence: Don’t cross this woman, or her watermelon.

Shorn:  A lightning fiction.  How do you show your child it’s all going to be all right when it isn’t?

Betrayer’s Helix:  What if lying were in your DNA?

This Time I’ll Drown:  Every time she lives, she burns to death.  This time will be different.

Gin Rickey: Papa was a rolling stone.  I’ll have a scotch on the rocks.

Bound Howler: A grimdark shapeshifter tale with a twist.  Werewolves are perhaps not as reckless as they might seem.

Just a Sec, Ty:  Imagination is this kid’s best friend.  Maybe his only friend.

Powdered Chaos: Today is the luckiest day of his life, or maybe the worst.

Rejected: 5 Ultra-short stories sharing one title.  100 words each.  Share and enjoy!

The Equal Amateur: There’s a new cowboy in town, and it’s time to teach her the way things run around here.

Neon Carrots:  A tale of vindication for any child who’s been a little leery of eating his vegetables.

Bull Rush:  He’s like the Hulk, but not.

The Dressmaker’s Last Call:  If you can’t see them, they can’t see you.  Right?

There Are Things in the Well:  Pretty much what it says on the tin.  Part 1 of an anonymous author collaboration.  Later parts (completed by other authors) can be found here.

Clank:  A little lost robot learns the sad truth of its origin.  Part 2 of an anonymous author collaboration.  Later parts (with 2 alternate endings!) can be found here.

A Recipe for Disaster:  Psychic snipers and telekinetic uberwomen.  Sometimes a bullet just won’t get the job done.  Part 3 of an anonymous author collaboration.

Merlin in Midtown:  It’s not all swords and stones and sorcery.  Occasionally, to save the world, you have to travel to the seedy parts of town.

You’ll Join Eventually, Anyway:  Resistance is futile, but the Horde has perks for new members if you act now.

Self-Inflicted:  Everybody has an evil twin.  Everybody is this guy’s evil twin.

Lettuce Be: There’s something strange about the sentient plants walking around. And it’s not that they’re walking, or sentient.

All in One Night: Did you ever want to know, as a kid, how Santa’s sleigh works? You might be sorry you asked.

The Screaming Comet: Every few months, the Screaming Comet takes the Elders on a great journey. But where do they really go? A little boy is determined to find out.

Smoke Rings: Some adventures are greater than others. Then again, some young ones find that adventure is in their blood.

Cold Fury: An alternate viewpoint on a well-known cold-weather tale.

Page Turner: Apocalypses come and go, but there’s really no substitute for a good book.

The Crater Devil: Strange creatures roam the hills, but science will find out their secrets.

Some Stories You Should Read, Vol. 2: A small collection of stories co-authored by yours truly.

The Immutable Mr. Jenkers: They say that cats have nine lives, but history seems to suggest that Mr. Jenkers has more, many more.

Collector’s Item: Mr. G is not a man you want to owe money to, and his collectors are not the kind of men you want at your soiree.

Search History Stories: Some lightning fiction, created out of the search histories of some unfortunate individuals.

Dead Obvious: There’s a murderer in our midst. Luckily, the dead can speak for themselves, so identifying the killer should be no problem.

The Bag Man: Somebody’s been making unwelcome deliveries in Rufus’s turf for too long. Today’s the day Rufus gets even.

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