Daily Archives: April 28, 2014

The Importance of Routine

I am quickly learning the importance of routine to — I want to say any creative endeavor, but I will err on the side of not being an overgeneralizing jerkstore and say — this particular project of mine. No matter what I do, it seems I have had and certainly will have good days and bad. Days when the stream of words from the spigot rushes out like the water punching through that wall at the end of Temple of Doom, and days when the stream dries up and the handle falls off and a tumbleweed blows past and there’s a bleached cow skull in the middle distance. Nonetheless, routine helps me to encourage the flow (I’m picturing a metaphor with a middle-aged dude in a suit standing over a urinal, saying to his dinger, “come on man, just a few drops,” but nah, I will take the high road and not go down that path. OOPSIE).

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