Totally Not Helpful

Reading the search results that lead people to my site (when they aren’t blocked… thanks Google) is sometimes insightful, sometimes telling, sometimes hilarious.

Today’s gem?

what happens if you accidentally inhale a puff of comet

You’re not going to see me going grammar stickler all over somebody’s search terms. It does, however, give me a fit of the giggles that somebody — presumably in a panic after breathing in a lungful of bathroom disinfectant — stumbles onto my site, looking for some sort of deliverance from their freshly bleached trachea, and finds only my short story about a kid who sneaks onto the train that carries the elderly into space on a one-way trip.

Totally not helpful, but maybe I have a new reader.

Unless the comet did its work and ravaged his throat and windpipe enough to make my site the last thing he saw. Which is, if you think about it, kind of still a win.

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