(Tiny) King of the Beach

I didn’t post this at the time, because with two kids running around, you become a lot less concerned with taking adorable pictures and posting them to your various social media right away for the adulation of friends, neighbors and acquaintances and more concerned with making sure that one child does not kill the other or itself while you try to close the door to use the bathroom in peace for a moment.

Still, though, despite your dubious parenting and hopeless second-child-syndroming of the second child, you do catch a good picture from time to time.

King of the Beach.

King of the Beach.

The boy has mastered at age 3 a pose that I can only hope to emulate. Maybe after I sell a few books and buy a beach house that I can just lounge around in at day’s end, I can come close to his casual indifference to the world, his satisfaction at a day’s work well done, a beach’s worth of sand castles properly kicked over, a pink bouncy ball thoroughly bopped around.

His shirt even says “Life is Good,” for the love of all that’s shameless.

So, yeah. Usually I have more to say, but sometimes it’s better to just let the picture speak for itself.

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