It’s Not All Bad

When I was drafting this novel, I’d occasionally post a favorite passage from the day’s writing, sort of as a pick-me-up to let me know that what I was writing was worthwhile, and not (as I secretly feared) an egregious waste of my time.  I fell off the wagon with it, especially toward the end of the draft, when I felt the writing was not nearly so good or clever or worthwhile.

During the edit lately, though, I’m stumbling across all sorts of gems; gems that a Past Me penned and then forgot about, so they seem as fresh as clean shirts from the dryer.  This one literally made me laugh out loud when I tripped over it, so here, then, is a favorite passage from today’s work:

Inconveniencing him mightily seemed more within her grasp.  It might take a few years, but she could chip away at his empire of friends and associates, and probably cost him a couple million into the deal.  Would he notice?  Maybe.  But she’d sure as sharknado know, and she wanted more than anything to stick it to the jerk with the stickiest stick she could find.

Here, I thought my entire draft was a spaghetti tangle of mismatched characterizations, nonsensical plot progressions, and ridiculous non-sequitur.  Who knew there was actually some good funny stuff in there?

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