A Long Way Down

I’m happy to share that in addition to the short story I wrote for this week’s Chuck’s Challenge, I also tossed off a one-liner that another author expanded into a full story. It appears below, courtesy of UnderAStarlitSky.

Under a Starlit Sky

This week’s challenge is to continue a story based on a sentence that someone else wrote last week. I wrote a sentence last week, but didn’t want to just post a single sentence on my blog, so I’ll post it now before I post my own story. Hopefully someone will want to write a story around my sentence which is:

It began as mundane as any other Tuesday but watching the clock tick ever closer to midnight Alexis knew, even before the sky turned blinding white with a loud pop, like the sound of a cork pulled from a giant bottle, that the world was going to hell in a hand basket.

And now onto my story, which uses a sentence I’ve taken from Pavowski on Chuck Wendig’s blog, which i’ll highlight in my story in italics.

When I awoke, it seemed like it would be just like any…

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