Jury Doody


It’s not that I mind getting the summons for jury duty.  This is something we must all face sooner or later.  No, what bothers me — and I’m going to go on a limb and say it bothers me not even as English teacher, but as a human — is that on this letter, which goes out to literally thousands of people in the community monthly, is a typo so obvious and egregious that I think my high school students could spot it.

Using “who’s” when you meant to use “whose”?  Scrub city.  For that matter…


It may be hard to read in this picture, but that sentence positively makes my brain boil.  If you can’t read it there, it reads:

I hereby affirm that I am a: a full-time student at a college, university, vocational school, or other postsecondary school who, during the period of time the student is enrolled and taking classes or exams.

Is it a subject/verb agreement error?  A misplaced modifier?  This one, I think, falls into the category of scratch the whole thing and try again.  Is it too much to ask that if I’m going to be summoned to do my civic duty — which I am happy to do! — that the means of the summons at least make sense in the language we will presumably use for the service?


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