Early Progress

It’s hard to get any consistency about my schedule these days, but the words are flowing. I’ve made it easy on myself with my daily goal: I’m only asking myself for 500 words daily, 5 days a week.

But surprise surprise, I’m finding that the “goal” is more like a “limitation”. Just this week, I’ve done:

(Mon – 475 words)

(Tue – 537 words)

(Wed – 570 words)

(Thur – 623 words)

And that’s not trying to write more, that’s just writing where the writing takes me and stopping once I find a decent stopping point. Problem is, it’s getting harder to find good stopping points, because I’m enjoying myself so much.

But these are good problems to have.

Holy crap it’s so far past my bedtime.

6 thoughts on “Early Progress

  1. Good job keeping up with your goal! My goal was to write 1000 words a day. So far I have written nothing. I think I need to start my goal at 500 until I get back into the swing of things.

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  2. Awesome work. I try to pound out 500 a day as well. Sometimes inspiration comes around and I have heavier days too. Sometimes the opposite. Consistency is key!

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  3. I’m a 500-a-day-er who overshoots every time. I’ve developed a compulsive need to not stop writing until I have at least 500. Anything below just feels wrong on so many levels…
    Writing is a dangerous thing

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