Just Get Me a Shot

Welp, they announced that teachers would be vaccine-eligible starting next week.

I was excited, but skeptical. “Eligible” means you’re “allowed” to get it, but whether logistically it happens is another matter altogether.

Then my district sent out the message that they would be working with the local department of health to get teachers vaccinated starting on Monday: right on time.

Again, excited, but skeptical. If lots of us were signing up for appointments (as I expect will be the case), then getting one right away might not be possible… but it was at least within the realm of possibility.

A few days later, the sign-up link went out. Wife and I were able to sign up for Monday and Tuesday — literally couldn’t get it done much sooner. Awesome! We can do our part and put our minds at ease and feel good about the whole thing.

Couple days later, the district e-mails us to cancel our appointments. “Not as much of the vaccine as anticipated”. So all appointments are cancelled.

Well, that’s sub-optimal.

Come to find out that not only are other districts around us *not* having this issue, but also that many, if not most, of them are actually closing school for a day or two next week to bring in personnel and vaccinate teachers. You know, proactively dedicating resources and time to get this thing done.

Meanwhile, wife and I have gone off on our own to make appointments to get it done. At a freakin’ Kroger pharmacy, no less.

If the disease doesn’t kill us, ineptitude will.

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