It appears I have a troll. Or something.

Somebody out there is rating my posts (I didn’t even know rating my posts was a thing a reader could do, but there you go). They’ve been marking my posts as 1-star for the last week or so.

Why would they do this?

I have no idea.

What do they hope to accomplish?

Again, I have no idea.

It’d be one thing if there were some other sign: angry comments, disgusting spam, links to a competitor’s website (a website more drively than mine own? Impossible!). But there is nothing.

Just a handful of one-star reviews, floating there on my posts.

Which … okay? I guess you got me, mister (I must assume it’s a mister) one-star-review-leaver.

Or maybe it’s, like, my mom or something, clicking one-star cuz in her mind it’s like giving me a gold star, and that’s good? I dunno. My mom reads the blog; it’s a weird thing I try not to think too much about.

Perhaps the troll will take more aggressive action soon.

Perhaps I’ll just get one-starred in perpetuity.

Say something!

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