I’m brain dead after this week, as are so many Americans, but I can’t let today pass without noting how refreshing it is to wake up in a Blue State.

See, I live in Georgia, reliably Republican since the 90s, and I’m surrounded on all sides by supporters of our current president.

And I have lamented for years that my vote didn’t matter, with Georgia being so reliably red. And I was sure that would be the case this year as well. Oh, I raged, and I loudly and proudly voiced my beliefs, but Georgia would stay red and I would just tire myself out.

Except, Georgia looked red this year, until it didn’t. And as more and more votes were counted, it looked less and less red, until this morning, about ten minutes before I woke up, it flipped.

And it remains flipped.

And looks as if it will stay well and truly flipped.

Now, I’m not kidding myself. It probably goes back to being red again at the next major election.

But this year, my vote mattered. The vote of everybody who was sick to death of the orange menace mattered. And Georgia is becoming a major piece of the movement that will sweep Biden and Harris in and sweep him OUT.

And that’s a good feeling for a Friday.