Yes, There Is A Try

Do, or do not; there is no try. — Yoda

That used to be my stuff, right there. Say it, little green man. You’re either gonna do a thing or not do a thing, so quit pussyfooting around and saying you’re gonna “try.”

Oh, you’re gonna “try” to get that job? You’re gonna “try” to write today? You’re gonna “try” to do a push-up? Like hell you are. You’re either gonna make it a priority and bend your entire existence toward it and DO IT, or you’re gonna not, and the opportunity is gonna pass you by, and here you will still be, a little bit sadder.

Except … life isn’t always that simple, is it?cx

4 thoughts on “Yes, There Is A Try

  1. Gah, THANK YOU. I *hate* when people throw that phrase around. I have tried a lot of things that I decided weren’t right for me, or hey if I keep doing this I will probably die, and the “try, fail, try harder, fail harder, fail better” thing is definitely the only way to winning. When people quote this nonsense at me, they frequently use it as a crutch to not even attempt something, and it infuriates me to no end. End rant, tl;dr – I agree.

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    • Yup; the more I reflected on it, the more I realized there’s too much macho swagger in the phrase for me. I still like the concept (if you’re going to try something, then square your shoulders on it and DO IT), but it’s just never that simple.

      Still got nothin but love for Yoda, though.


  2. I agree, too. I decided to ‘try’ to becone a writer. I have 6 books published and another nearly ready. Yes, that ‘try’ succeeded, but I ‘tried’ to get a better job. I didn’t, so that ‘try’ failed.
    We must all aim to improve ourselves, one way or another, and we do it by ‘trying’. Sonetimes the attempt works, sometimes it doesn’t. But if we say ‘you either do it or you fail’ because there’s no ‘try’, we’ll only ever do things we know we’ll succeed at, thus, no growth or improvement.

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