I’m just gonna say this. Not that it needs saying.

But save your work. Save early. Save often. Save like you’re tapping out the drumbeat of a Bantu dance. Autosave is a lifeline, but that lifeline may or may not be looped around your neck or your genitals.

At least I only lost a day’s worth of work.


Which reminds me… I need to make some backups.

About Pavowski

I am a teacher, runner, father, and husband. I am an author-in-progress. I know just enough about a lot of things to get me into a lot of trouble. View all posts by Pavowski

3 responses to “Save

  • myzania

    I know the feeling! About nine months ago, a USB of mine broke. I nearly lost all my uni work!
    Luckily, through a relative’s work colleague I was able to get the contents back. I now use Google Drive as my primary option and USBs and laptop hard drives as my secondary. There is a post titled, ‘BACK UP YOU STUFF’ on my blog where I gave my own ‘save it now!’ spiel….

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