About Those Changes…

They’re in progress. Wife got tired of me waffling over it and went ahead and bought me a website. So changes are in progress. You may already have noticed that if you’re following me, you’ve landed not at pavorisms, but at AccidentallyInspired.com. There will be a bit of dust in the air as I make some adjustments, knock down walls, rewire the plumbing, and replumb the wiring. Try not to breathe too much of it in.

Or maybe do. It just might give you superpowers.

Other changes are in the works, but the archives are here.

Smells like home.

And baby poop.

3 thoughts on “About Those Changes…

  1. Since I’ve been out of the WP loop lately, I was a bit startled when an unfamiliar name came up. I was pretty sure that I recognized the author, though. I like your header image, etc.

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