Love and Marriage

I’m not going to go on at length, but a few thoughts:

If you are gay, today is a big day for you. That’s awesome.

If you’re not gay but you have gay friends who are happy today, today is a big day for you. That’s awesome.

If you were against the decision today… I’m not going to say you’re living in the past or anything, but really? Your life doesn’t change in ANY way because of today’s decision. The only difference is that more people around you are happy today. That’s awesome, even if you don’t think it is.

Never mind that this ruling on gay marriage is coming about a decade too late.

Never mind that we’re only the 21st country to make it officially legal. (Seriously. The 21st.)

Never mind that holdouts across the country are crying in their beer and trying to figure out how to keep fighting against the ruling, even though there’s really nothing to fight.

Today, some basic civil rights were upheld for a lot of people. Probably for somebody you know.

That’s awesome.

Today is a historic day. Today is a day for rainbows.