This week’s SoCS will be exceedingly short, because it’s a busy day.

The prompt for the week is “acquaint” or “friend”, and in true stream-of-consciousness style, I have to write about the first thing that comes to mind: my son is three today. Which is a pretty awesome development. It’s hard to believe that just three years and a day ago, he wasn’t yet with us, and my wife and I were battling a daily worry that his life might never be normal. Well, it is. Not only is he perfectly normal, but he is as miraculous and wonderful and funny and smart and energetic and frustrating and taxing and incredible as we could ever have hoped, and it has been my effervescent pleasure to make his acquaintance these past three years. (His sister is pretty awesome, too, but it’s not her birthday.) He may never read this, but that’s okay, because even if it were only me ever reading these words, it’s good enough to serve as a reminder on those days when he makes me question my fitness as a parent.

I’m going to need those reminders when he becomes a teenager, I’ve no doubt.

Happy birthday, sprout.