Fall is attempting to arrive — finally — and we can put that firmly in the category of “good things in 2020”.

Fall arriving means mornings with temperatures in the 50s, which is my favorite. Morning runs with a temperature between 50-60 degrees are some of the best things about running, putting aside that running is obviously the key to eternal youth.

But fall not yet having fully arrived means daytime temperatures still hanging close to 90, which is not my favorite. There are only so many clothes I can take off before public decency laws get broken.

Daytime temperatures in the 90s means the A/C is cranked up to eleven in my school, which is good, but in my tiny office room, which I’m pretty sure does not have its own temperature sensor, the air just keeps blowing and blowing, and I have to bundle up.

Honestly, another shirt — and maybe some gloves — would not go amiss.

This can’t be good for my body or my brain; every time I leave the building I have to deal with the shift, so I’m either charging fully suited-up for the cold into the 90-degree heat or plunging jacket- and hat-less back into the frigid depths of my office.

Routine is all kinds of busted today, but I did get some chapters edited, so progress marches along.

Happy Tuesday.

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