5 in the bag

Getting my writing done in a crazy busy day like yesterday is a pretty significant accomplishment. Only 1100 words, but still ahead of schedule. More importantly, the siren’s call of laziness, sounding loudly by virtue of having filled my quota for the week before Friday even started, failed to pull me off course. So for my first week of the project, I met all my goals : 5 days of writing at 900 words a day, stayed on topic, even posted to the blog a few times.  The sweet, sweet smell of accomplishment. Smells like donuts. Is it donuts?

So now I get two days off. But percolating for the weekend is a Flash Fiction from Chuck Wendig. I am not sure yet if having little side projects will help or hinder the central project, but as long as the ideas keep coming, why not give it a spin?

There is also the issue of momentum ; I am saddled with fear that if I stop pushing, stop driving forward, that the tires will bog down in the mud and I will be discovered years from now, a dessicated skeleton lazily raising a cheeto to its mouth (the cheeto, I believe, would still be intact, crunchy, and delightful).

The same could be said for my running, which is currently in the ditch belching black smoke. A part of me fears that if I go too long without a run that I will never get back into it, so I keep pushing myself to get out there and in all likelihood I keep making my injury worse. But KEEP PUSHING OR ELSE YOU’LL BE FAT FOREVER so off I go and then a few hours later ohgodithurts.

Sharknado,  I just came a little close to psychoanalyzing myself. ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THE ABYSS IS HERE.
Ahem. Next post should hopefully be a Flash Fiction about time thieves.

BTW, words that the tablet did not want to let me write in this post: belching, dessicated, cheeto, sharknado, virtue, psychoanalyzing, fat, abyss, bog. Predictive typing, my assignment (yep, it just made that “correction” too). It’s like it doesn’t know me at all.

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