Ruthless (wait for it)

The fact that after only a couple of days and a couple of posts I have picked up a follower or two is instructive. (Thanks very much, by the way, to my first two followers!) If I can trick passersby into getting interested in my daily-ish rambles, then I guess I need to seriously consider the purposes for which I’m running this little monkey show.   After all, CLEARLY NOTHING WILL STOP THIS FROM BECOMING THE BIGGEST BLOG EVER.
I had really wanted to use this as a sort of dumping ground for everything from my writing project ideas to revelations garnered through running to stupid things I picked up from teaching to whatever other sort of nonsense might occur to me. But it occurs to me at this juncture that I might actually want to keep my writing ideas especially a bit closer to the vest. Don’t get me wrong (who am I talking to? Myself, let’s get real) me, there is still plenty of writing that I can do about writing. But I suppose it only makes sense to keep the details of my specific projects a bit locked down. Fear not, (me) there will still be plenty to say with printwords about my other hodgepodge of topics. Oh, and the profanity; Fargo, I almost forgot the profanity.
Posting from the tablet is for the birds, in other news. It’s taken as long for me to type out this sniplet as it did for my thousand words this afternoon. An exercise in frustration, like using a butter knife to saw off your trapped-under-a-boulder arm, only the knife is already dull from having first hacked off your other arm, also trapped by a boulder, this one covered in badgers. Which incidentally means you have to hold the knife in your teeth, and don’t forget you’re bleeding out. And the badgers are descending. And the typos and auto”corrects”, ye gods! Words the tablet didn’t want to recognize: ye, gods, badger, dull, trapped, arm, and more, and that in only the last 50 words. So much doubling back and retyping. First world problem, I’m well aware, but ugh. In the future, only when necessary.
A teaching anecdote to close things out. I get a special warm feeling when I crack a dumb joke and one student picks up on it (most of the mutants don’t listen to me at all and even when they do, most of my humor goes over their heads).
Students are taking an open book quiz.
Student A: what’s ruthless mean?
Me : ruthless, yes, that’s a state of being in which you don’t have any Ruths.
Student A stares blankly, student J at the back of the room snorts, “Mr. P, seriously?”
Me: am I wrong? I guess you’ll have to look it up then.
Being a teacher is awesome sometimes.

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