Righteous Bread Pudding

What am I up to today?

Oh, nothing; just working on my edit, looking for synonyms and better words than the ones endlessly clattering around in my head, laughing my head off at the example dictionary.com has on hand for the second usage of “righteous.”


That’s right: righteous bread pudding.

Because — I don’t know about you — but when I say the word “righteous” what springs to mind isn’t bodacious waves with gnarly surfers, or wicked guitar solos. What springs to mind when say righteous is now, and will probably forever be, “righteous bread pudding.”

On that note, “righteous” is one of the worst-spelt words I’m aware of. It makes no phonetic sense. You don’t say “courteous” Kurch-iss. Well, I guess you could. But you ought not.

It is, however, in my estimation, autological — in other words, it is a word which means itself, or which demonstrates its own qualities. “Righteous” just sounds … bloody righteous. You almost can’t say the word without a thoughtful, appreciative frown; without a measured, approving nod of the head.

So a righteous bread pudding?

That’s a bread pudding that deserves a wicked guitar solo as it slides down your gnarly, bodacious throat.

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