Blerch in full effect

Feeling tired.

Feeling run down.

Feeling a little bit truck-smashed.

There’s not a lot to say at the moment. The last week has left me feeling very uncreative and unmotivated. Which is not a way I like being, but it is what it is. Spring break is next week; hopefully it’ll recharge the batteries a bit.

Not sure if it’s the pollen or the rainy weather or the late nights with soccer or my wife’s headache malady, but there is a definite blerch hanging over the house right now.

Blerch by The Oatmeal.

It’s been a running theme around here lately, but the last edit isĀ almost done. (Every time I say that, I find a new thing that needs fixing. But I mean it this time. Like, we’re within days.)

Regularly scheduled programming will resume soon, I promise.