In which I make a formal introduction to The Blog and The Project (Or, why the F am I doing all this)

A lot of people that know me know that at one time in my life I wrote a play or two (or three or four, or… damn, I actually wrote a hot little handful of plays in my younger and more piss & vinegar filled days), then I stopped. For a while there, I thought it would be neat to turn some of those plays into books. It just didn’t happen. Well, for one reason or another, a fire has cropped up underneath my rear parts and an elf in my brain decided that the time to get around to doing those things is now, like immediately, starting right the hell now today, with no further delay.

In a fit of delusional grandeur or whatever you would like to call it, I decided that I want to write a first draft of a novel by the time school starts up back in the fall. To that end, I’m hoping to write at least a little bit every day between now and then.

To that end, I started my little journal/blog here at wordpress. I doubt it will change your life, but on those days that I just can’t write on The Project, I’m going to make it a point to post at least a little something here to keep exercising my brain meats, and I’ll also be updating it with my progress on The Project, among other things. I’ve already posted a short story there that I wrote today as a bit of a stretching exercise, and will doubtless be posting more stories, maybe as often as weekly. I’m hoping that The Project will lead to other Projects down the road, but for now, I want to follow through on something I’ve always wanted to do.  In the meantime, I’m a teacher, a runner, a father, a husband, and between those things, I end up with a fair few stories and ponderances to write about.

At any rate, I’m glad you’re here checking it out, whether you’re just a little bit literarily inclined, or even if you’re not. Not just because you’re padding my views by landing here (we writers do like to have our egos stroked) but because knowing that there are people besides me taking an interest in what I’m up to will keep me honest and keep me on track, as there are any number of distractions out there to keep me off my goal. I’d also welcome any feedback from anybody on the fiction that I write, because above all I want to improve and I want to write things that people are interested in reading.

So now that you’re here, I hope you’ll give it a look, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for clicking on me.

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